Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 2/1095 Is Over, and Dark Souls II Is Awesome. Day 3 Will Start Off With Tales Of Xillia

It has been an intense streaming day here at Gamigon Live. The whole day have been a Dark Souls II day, and I am slowly but surely starting to fall in love with the game. I have realized that I managed to run past 2 of the games beginning areas, straight into arms of the Dragonrider boss. I realized this, after I had finished him and was well on way into the are beyond the boss. So after some backtracking, even more bossbeating and cool two handed sword swinging, I only got one more thing to say about this game. I love it.

Tomorrow I have decided to begin the stream with my Tales Of Xillia Unknown Difficulty run, and I will play some more Dark Souls 2 after that. That is tomorrow Friday at: 5:00 AM GMT +1 (12:00 AM EST), and it will be day nr 3/1095 of the challenge. So check in then for two awesome games in one stream.

Below you can check out my favorite Dark Souls II moment from today:

The other highlights can be viewed here:

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