Monday, March 10, 2014

The Last Of Us Single Player: Why I Think It Is Awesome

Last night I held the most Amazing livestream here at Gamigon Live. It was a 16 hour marathon of epic proportions. I had no Idea what to expect out of the game, since I had not played it before, and even though I had some knowledge about what kind of game it was, I was not prepared for Naughty Dogs masterpiece of a game. So here I share with you my opinions of this amazing game.
If you missed the stream, the link can be found after the article.

The Last Of Us, starts of with a huge bang. I was shocked to find out that I got to play the first bit of the game as Joel's daughter. The moment before everything goes to hell, was a moment that I did not think I would see from her eyes. This makes for a fantastic opening, that gives you a perfect picture of not only his daughter, but of Joel himself. When I got to start playing with Joel I had the feeling in my body that I already knew the guy, because of what I experienced as his daughter.

After this, the story goes on with a terrific pacing. The true game begins 20 years after the incident, and Joel have managed to stay alive. I am not going to say anything more other than this: A lot of shit goes down during the game! This I say, to avoid spoilers, since The Last Of Us is a game that need to be experienced for yourself, or by at least looking at another person that plays the game. Every moment in the game is worth to experience for yourself, and there is not one of them that did not have a great impact on me.

Ok so the story is awesome, but what about the gameplay? At first The Last of Us feels pretty much like any third person shooter with great controls. But you will soon realize that it fooled you. The player will always be in hunt for resources to defend themselves against, Infected and human soldiers. The AI don't feel dumb either, so you are always kept on your toes while sneaking, and setting up traps for your opponents. It feels cool assembling your arsenal from scraps that you found on the ground, and when you manage to fulfill the perfect sneak or kill, it feels pretty cool, in that survival kind of way. The game also has some good scares with the infected, with the Clickers being being my absolute horror enemy.

Combine these two big reasons with the best graphics that the PlayStation 3 has to offer, and we got a winner. The single player portions of The Last of Us are among the best stories told last year, so if you haven't done so yet, experience it somehow.

Now, what about the multiplayer portions of the game? Gamigon Live will stream multiplayer action in tonight's stream, so look forward to my opinion about the multiplayer in The Last Of Us tomorrow.

The Last Of Us 16 Hour Marathon stream is available at the Gamigon Live! twitch channel: also below you can see some highlights from the stream. Enjoy!

The Awesome Intro Section

The Clickers Are Scary And Creepy

Crazy Bill And His Traps

Ellie Is A Superhuman

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