Monday, March 3, 2014

Highlights From The Second Day Final Fantasy VII Stream

The 4+ hours of day two have just been concluded in the Final Fantasy VII No Shop Challenge Stream, here on Gamigon Live!. It included a mistake of having to use two Phoenix Downs way to early in the game, the crossdressing scene at wall market,  two boss battles where I overestimated the bosses potential and beat them quicker than ever before, as well as the Sephiroth and Cloud in Nibelheim story part.

So far I must say that it is really exciting to play the game without using shops. It really makes every drop, steal and chest count way more than it did before. It's fun and entertaining. If you missed it you can check the whole archived stream at:

I also prepared some neat highlights for you to watch below:

WallMarket With Cross Dressing Scene

Motor Bike Minigame With Boss Shinra HQ

I hope you enjoyed these highlights. Make sure to check the continuation of the No Shop Run tomorrow at 1:00 PM PST (21:00 GMT +0)


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