Saturday, March 8, 2014

Final Fantasy VII: No Shop Run Day 5 Highlights

Wow, yesterday I had what I have to call the disaster part of the no shop challenge. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Aeris and Tifa died at the temple of Ancient (no phoenix downs left), Red XII was the only one standing after the Jenova battle as well. I also got 2 game overs! Made me kinda angry. But I am going to keep pressing on!

The no shop run have really been way more difficult then I first presumed that it would be. One could say that I really underestimated the game. But hey, I love a good challenge : ).

If you missed the action you can watch it here:
As always I also have the best highlights down below:

The Untimely Demise Came At Last

It's still so sad

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