Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition: Awesome Highlights From Yesterdays Stream (March 5 - 2014)

Yesterday I played and streamed Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, for the PlayStation 4, live right here on Gamigon Live! It was an awesome experience, with a lot of action. The game felt great at 1080p, looking nice and clean. You could see further ahead than the PS3 counterpart, thanks to the higher resolution as well.  It also worked like a charm in online co-op, which is nice.

Gamigon Live! will continue playing and streaming Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition today at 10:00 AM PST (18:00 GMT +0) and continue for at least 4+ hours. After that Gamigon Live! will continue with the Final Fantasy VII No Shop Challenge, for everyone who is also following that. So a lot of fun happening tonight.

If you missed yesterdays stream and want to see the whole thing you can do so at:

You also can check out the highlights from yesterdays stream below:

Final Part Of First Stage

Car Alarm Discussions And A Panic Death

If You Dislike Clowns, This Is The Highlight For You

Fantastic Jumper AI Bug

The Best Solo Effort Of The Stream

Gotta Love The Launcher, Especially Against Cutters

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