Friday, March 7, 2014

Yesterday's stream highlights!

Wow yesterday was an amazing day. First of all I started to stream some more, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition here at Gamigon Live! I played it co-op with Tomlans, and there were burning zombies, fog, and graveyards everywhere! If you missed it you can check out the recorded stream here:

After a 40 minute break, I was continuing with my Final Fantasy 7 No Shop Run Challenge, where I had some serious problem with Lost Number, and was super surprised that a certain boss at Cosmo Canyon, could not be killed with a Phoenix Down anymore. Wow.

This stream had to be split in two parts at the following links:

Also be sure to check out the highlights from yesterdays stream below. My favorite is the Phoenix Down one. Which one is yours?

A whole lot of fire

Fully Upgrade Shotgun Is Nice

This Part Is So Intense

What?? The Phoenix Down Don't Work?

Lost Number Is So Challenging

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